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Live online Workshops & Masterclasses

Join an expanding global community without leaving your own home. These live-online workshops are designed to introduce and offer a continued learning space around The Vocal Transformation Method and how to find your authentic voice and truly transform your life.

Current workshop offerings include a shorter masterclass learning session, and a transformational 3-day weekend workshop. 

Depending on the session you choose, you will receive a broad understanding of the chakra energy centers in relation to the voice, the anatomy of the voice, and how it can be used for healing and unlocking human potential.

These workshops are great for:

  • Anyone with vocal insecurity or blockages
  • Beginners looking to explore and learn more before taking the 16-week online course or attending a retreat
  • Those who cannot travel but want to experience the magic of this work
  • People who want to have access to a teacher and to continue to learn and grow
  • The weekend workshop is a smaller container and specifically offers more time for questions and guidance.
Whether you use your voice professionally, are an experienced singer, or are embarking on a vocal exploration.  These workshops will open you up to the power of your own personal vibration, teaching you how to unlock your potential. 

You will never look at your voice the same way again! If you want to learn more about these ancient techniques please join us.  

Your teachers Maryn Azoff & Patrick Surdam are masters at showing you how to incorporate more sound into your life. 

These methods and teachings will help you begin to rewire and reset your neurological system.  Specific sound frequencies have been found to demonstrate healing qualities that are able to settle the mind and the body. Together, we will learn how to tap into this potential!

Masterclass Learning Series Includes:

  • Bi-monthly classes with Maryn Azoff

  • Learning foundational teachings of The Vocal Transformation Method

  • Deepening your knowledge of what is the authentic voice

  • Learning to apply proper breathing techniques in your everyday life

  • Continuous understanding of the chakra energy centers and the mind-body connection

  • How to experience your voice in new ways

3-Day Workshop Includes:

  • Spending time with Maryn Azoff, and her partner in life & work Patrick Surdam; an inspirational theologian and student of Buddhist meditation.

  • A practical overview of the chakras and the authentic voice

  • Anatomy of the voice and proper form

  • Spend time working with your breath

  • Beginning practices to experience your voice in new ways

  • A deeper understanding of how to connect to the power of your own voice

  • Q&A with Maryn & Patrick in each of the sessions throughout the weekend together

"It’s as if she is waking up parts of me that have been asleep or silenced for a very long time. Through this work with Maryn, I am not only unlocking my voice but also giving voice to my family line past, present, and future. To stand with confidence as I use my authentic voice is a gift that has changed the trajectory of my life.”

— Lisa B.