Know your voice.
Use your voice.

It will change your life.
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I can barely put words to all that's opened up for me in doing this work with Maryn. I’ve been able to move beyond massive fears around sharing my voice, my work and my truth in the world. Maryn's program helped me find the courage to go public with endeavors I’d been holding back on for years - and they were hugely successful!

Beth W.

Maryn Azoff's Vocal Transformation workshop was THE perfect next step to help me get past some of the blocks and tap into my vocal power. It was much more than a "vocal technique" workshop. It was a magical ride that gave us the emotional, physical, and spiritual foundations needed to achieve authentic vocal expression.

Marguerita R.

Where do I even begin! I'm not a singer, and I didn't go to learn how to sing. I went to reclaim my voice that had been hidden as a result of many lifetimes of persecution around speaking my truth. I am here now in this lifetime to speak my truth and after DECADES of healing trauma, wounded child, working with four different shamans over many, many years, my voice was still "buried". A faint powerless whisper.And then I met Maryn and everything changed.

Connie N.

Vocal Transformation MethodTMis a modern approach to an ancient method for self-discovery, authentic expression, and healing.

VTM guides you through an exploration of your psychological development through the chakra system using the power of your voice and body.

Through understanding the development of the 7 chakras, we uncover how adapting to your external environment has informed the voice you’re currently using and the impact this voice is having on your life today.

This process unlocks transformation when we engage the breath, voice, and body in a daily chanting practice to activate your life force and dormant potential - one chakra at a time.


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Reclaim your fullest expression and most powerful voice

The human voice is the soul's dynamic life urge for truthful expression. It is how spirit and body come together to authentically express our experience. During our early childhood development, most of us learn to edit or manipulate this expression.

Vocal transformation is a process of deprogramming and remembering which opens the channel for spirit to, once again, drive the creative process.


Awaken your body's innate ability to heal itself

Just as the vibration of a singing bowl or a song is known to have a healing effect on your body, the vibrational resonance of chanting with your own voice also has the ability to heal from the inside out.

The VTM  uses the somatic experience of chanting to initiate the process of rebalancing the body systems. When in balance the body can relax and we can once again feel safe and confident in our own skin.


Activate the vibrational map of your energetic body

Although The chakra system is often approached in a spiritual or esoteric way it is also directly connected to the nervous system. Each “chakra” is anatomically present as a group of nerve endings along the spinal column that create an electromagnetic field.

The voice can be used to stimulate the nerves and awaken the body’s inherent intelligence. For centuries the voice has been used as a tool to bring about physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

The Joyful Benefits of VTM

  • Clear psychological trauma + old blocks

  • Raise your vibrational frequency + increase energy

  • Find your authentic voice and express your truth

  • Discover your purpose + how to live it

  • Faster stress response regulation

  • Increase sense of well being + confidence

  • Improved vocal tone and range

  • Enter flow states and ignite creativity

  • Attract new relationships while healing old ones

  • Cultivate a feeling of Safety and Vitality

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