Find Your Voice With Us!

Nothing provides a breakthrough better than a group of humans coming together and supporting one another in a radically creative + judgement free container. All it takes is one in-person retreat to discover what your voice is capable of.

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Deep Shadow work and Celebration

Each of our retreats is designed to take your soul through the full arc of the transformation process. Weaving through a dynamic interplay of shadow and celebration each day, we discover our individual voices together.

Organic nourishing meals

Fresh organic meals that nourish the body and awaken your senses.  We do our best to work with local farms and hire chefs who hold the intention of feeding you energizing foods in alignment with the work we are doing.

Magical locations you’ll never forget

Immerse yourself in a variety of locations that radiate with the raw beauty and power of Mother Earth. Each destination has opportunities for adventure and exploration to inspire your own creativity and connect you to your innate intelligence.

Choose from a range of accommodations

The location of our retreats are selected based on the nature of the work you will be doing. Most of our retreat centers offer a range of option to suit your style and budget.

Heart to Crown at Ravencrest Retreat Center


Berne, NY

After a root to heart retreat you are ready to manifest your life. A heart to crown retreat will cover the upper chakras and the adolescent years. This is how we create our reality and activate and expand our life’s vision. We also cover the higher resonators for increased vocal range.

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Expressions At Akera Retreat Center


Woodbourne, NY

This retreat focuses on how we choose to express ourselves in all the ways we use our voice. Designed to challenge participants to step out of their comfort zones by employing various techniques to access new ways of authentic self-expression. ‘Expressions’ explores other esoteric teachings while utilizing creativity itself as a pathway to healing.

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