Maryn Azoff

Maryn, member of Tribe of Love + Cura Cura, is a singer, vocal transformation coach, spirit lifter, soul emancipator + fear crusher. She has been on a mission of connecting people with their vocal power for many years + knows that it's when people sing together that the true magic of music can happen! Her approach to singing + sharing is always from her heart, where we all meet in truth, wisdom + love. She creates a safe, judgement-free environment for you to find that connection for yourself.

Maryn runs Vocal Transformation retreats + workshops all over the world connecting people to the power of their voice + unleashing the potential of the human voice + all of the areas we use it. This discovery is deeply spiritual + physical. the benefits of an empowered voice is backed by science proving that our own personal vibration has many physical, mental + emotional benefits. just understanding + knowing the healing power you possess is permanently life altering.

After over a decade of teaching this to students of all ages, Maryn has witnessed major transformations in all areas of her students lives. Healing of relationship + family issues, early traumas, mood disorders, depression + physical ailments such as fibromyalgia, TMJ, + even congenital heart failure. The result is an overall shift in consciousness, an improvement in mental acuteness + overall personality + a huge boost in confidence.

Patrick Surdam

Patrick, member of Cura Cura + Tribe of Love, is a singer, vocal transformation coach, guitarist, songwriter + Charanguista. He has been writing music + performing in bands for over 20 years. In addition to his background in music, he also brings unique perspective + insight to the Vocal Transformation path. Having co-facilitated multiple retreats with Maryn, + completed the full year of daily chanting + study required for certification as a ‘Vocal Transformation Coach’ he now works with private clients where he fuses his knowledge of the voice with the chakra system + his personal spiritual practice, which is rooted in Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice + Mestizo Peruvian Shamanism.

Nikki Lewitan

Nikki has lived and taught yoga at Ananda Ashram since 2007 while studying yogic scriptures and practicing meditation with several teachers who have deeply influenced her life. Nikki also served as the Director of Ananda Ashram Yoga for 13 years and organized their yoga teacher training month long immersions for a decade. Her countless travels through the world have brought her heart and soul closer to the teachings of ancient sages and medicine healers.

Nikki comes to the team as an organizer and coordinator of pre and onsite retreats.

Karen Gordon

Equal parts soul-filled scientist, inspired educator, wilderness rites of passage guide & plant lover, Karen has been restoring landscapes and facilitating transformative experiences in nature for humans for over close to 30 years. Her work as a restoration ecologist & nature therapist has flowed from the fjords of the North Atlantic, across the reefs of the Caribbean sea, through the Peruvian Amazon and up to Costa Rica's cloud forested mountaintops.

Founder of the Center for Sacred Ecology and steward of the 40-acre Samanea Nature Sanctuary in Monteverde, Karen's attention is drawn to the sacred spaces where mind, heart, spirit & nature intersect within the habitat of the human form.

She has been working and studying within the Peruvian mestizo vegetalista tradition for 8 years, and serves as Don Carlos' ceremony assistant & integration specialist. Karen is also the coordinator for master plant diet immersions at Don Carlos' center in the Peruvian Amazon. She has lived in Costa Rica for 20 years and is mother to a teenage boy.

Ana Belen Oriana

Ana graduated from Osteopath in 2014, at the Center for Osteopathic Studies of Buenos Aires and Patagonia, where she is currently doing the Postgraduate Course in Osteopathy.

As a therapist Ana has a role as a passive observer in the patient's process, accompanying them with respect, empathy and patience in her treatment, facilitating that one can restore their own self-healing forces.

In addition to taking clients she is coordinating a osteopathy training in Costa Rica. Ana comes to the team as a healer. She will be offering treatments during our retreat at Samasati in Costa Rica.

Don Carlos Chaves

Don Carlos Chavez grew up in Pucallpa, Peru and began apprenticing with the highly respected and world-renowned Don Jose Campos when he was 18 years old. Twenty-plus years later, Carlos is a masterful curandero in the Peruvian mestizo vegetalista tradition and administrates his own master plant dieta center in the Peruvian Amazon jungle.

Among his colleagues and medicine circles around the globe, Carlos is admired for his clarity, purity of intention, focus and unwavering lifelong discipline as a curandero. His colleagues and “patients” appreciate his serious and focused manner while working in ceremony, which is balanced by his huge heart, easy smile, positivity and laugh. Don Carlos creates simple but powerfully held and protected healing spaces  - he has fierce faith not only in the curative power of the master plants and Ayahuasca, but also in the inner power of those who come to sit with and learn from the medicines.

Don Carlos currently lives in Bello Horizonte, a small village 3 hours from Pucallpa, and is father to two sons, ages 10 and 12.  He has traveled throughout the Americas and Europe bringing medicine to the people! It is a complete honor and life-changing experience to sit with and learn from - and with - him.