Heart to Crown

Berne, New York

This work will educate, inspire and challenge you in ways that are designed to produce profound and lasting results.
08/03 — 08/07

This is your opportunity to dive in + experience the power of your authentic voice. Join Vocal Transformation coaches, Maryn Azoff and her partner Patrick Surdam at Ravencrest, a beautiful small-scale medicinal herb farm + retreat center, tucked away in the forested hills of upstate NY. During our time together you'll learn the science + magic behind how your voice can be used to heal your body, manifest your reality + liberate your spirit. Once the lower chakras have been stabilized, we then move deeper into understanding how the mind functions. Together we will go into a process of releasing the mental programming that is no longer serving us, so we can discover + align with the unique heart-centered vision of the life you wish to create.

By accessing the crown energy and directing it down into the heart chakra, we will learn how to open up to + trust more deeply in ourselves. For us to do this we must also understand the essential role the throat + third eye chakras play in allowing us to clearly express what we wish to experience in our lives.

“This past weekend with Maryn was magical. My mom and friends told me that my voice is totally unrecognizable and it's only been a few days!”
— Mariya G.

Learn and Embody:

We will focus on exercises to open the throat chakra (Vishuddha, Sanskrit for ‘purification’). This chakra is our energy center of manifestation. Purifying speech means to align it with our highest SELF and to achieve that we must align the heart with the crown. The 6th chakra, (Ajna, which means ‘perceive’ or ‘command’),has the capacity to create worlds, but when we are caught in an ego based concept of self and reality, we are limited in what we can create.  Practicing techniques to open this chakra can grant you access to joy, abundance and creativity without bounds.

The root to heart prerequisite is important because to fully and safely open these higher frequencies, one must be grounded and have the foundations set. In addition to exploring more esoteric spiritual practices we will go deeper into proper vocal technique to achieve maximum tonal capacity.

A Vocal Transformation retreat is designed more as a soul expedition than your typical retreat. The schedule is rigorous + will educate, inspire + challenge you in ways that are designed to produce profound + lasting results. Learn the physical, mental, emotional + spiritual aspects of the human voice as we journey through the upper part of the chakra system to discover where our own voices may be stuck, blocked or weakened by past trauma or lack of sufficient development.


Spend 5 days on the magical grounds of Raven Crest Farm, an herbal apothecary retreat center for Earth honoring practices in upstate NY. This 350 acre preserve is a natural wonderland with a permaculture forest garden to stroll in, forested hill, magical creeks and swimming ponds. There’s endless space to free your wild untamed spirit.


Drop in with Maryn and Patrick plus the rest of our group during sacred council and share circles.  Participate in a group of open-hearted, non-judgmental people focused on healing + connecting, where life-long bonds can be formed.


We will help facilitate your journey to reclaiming a precious and powerful part of yourself.  This retreat will be a deep dive into liberating your authentic voice. We will cover all the ways we use our voice to express our souls desires and create our reality. We will also learn about which herbs can support throat and lung health.

Private room / shared bathroom

A lovely cabin and the beautifully decorated Mullein House offers this single room with a queen bed and shared bath.

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Shared room / shared bathroom

The peaceful and beautifully decorated Mullein House has shared rooms with two or three beds available.

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Camping with shared bathroom

There are beautiful spots to pitch a tent around the guest houses. Bathrooms and showers are available in the houses.

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“Through this process I was able to heal, challenge and transcend so many personal obstacles and truly reawaken a spirited expression of myself in both speaking and singing.”

— Tim S.